Fairy Tales and Short Stories

Once Upon A Time when the One Track was asleep it had a dream. It dreamt of itself bringing awesome gifts to itself filled with complements, kisses, and warmth. After a while the One Track woke up and decided to do just that. So it decided to make presents for itself. Just like in the dream, in one box it thought intensely and for a while making as many compliments as possible. After a while the box was filled with thoughts like, “You’re beautiful” and “You are amazing” and thoughts like that. In the second box the One Track gave it a warmth and an endearing hug, filling the box with warmth. In the last box it gave it kisses, filling the box with love. After all the presents were made, the One Track set out in the snow with its presents just like in the dream. However at first it met a boy shivering in the snow, his clothes doing nothing against the cold. The One Track could have kept walking, ignoring the boy. Instead the One Track went up to him, and when it did, it was shocked. He had no family and no one to love him or give him warmth in the harsh winter. So the One Track gave him the present with warmth in it. The boy opended it and he smiled. He was happy and for once he felt love and warmth.

The One Track continued forward, but before it could open the next present it met a women sobbing in the snow. “I am no good!” She cried out, “I don’t deserve anything!” She yelled out in strife and grief. The One Track could have kept working, it could have! Yet, it gave her a present. When she opended it compliments flowed over her and do you know what she did? She smiled with happiness in her eyes, a true smile.

The One track continued with its last present. However before the One Track could open it, it came across a creature. The creature was alive, yet its eyes showed a void. Inside of the creature was no joy, no happiness, just death. So the One Track gave its last present and when the kisses touched the creatures skin its eyes shined. The kisses caused the creature to change. From the dead eyed creature it was, it turned into a beautiful goddess who gleamed with light. “Thank you, kind one. I was cursed by another god to be a horrible creature unless shown love by another. It is thanks to you I am able to return.” The goddess said as it smiled and returned to the sky.

The One Track wasn’t happy though for it had no gifts for itself. Then it remembered the smiles of everyone that it gave its gifts to. The boys warmth and happiness with his smile, the women’s eyes with tears of happiness and her smile, and the goddesses kind smile. It realized that the true gift of all was giving and watching their smiles and tears of joy, not its own. The One Track learned a lesson it wouldn’t forget soon that day.


Actual fairytale

Today we’re going to hear the story of the One Track.
Once upon a time there was a tiny creature. Although there were many other creatures through the lands the creature always thought of itself as the best. Although the creature never talked it always thought so loudly all that were close were able to hear his thoughts. “I’m the best. I’m the greatest. Etc.” Along with that it thought that everything besides itself was a pile of poop. No matter what it did or if it fell or failed, it thought of itself as the best. Its favorite thing to do was to look at himself in the puddles, ponds, and mirrors. It was, simply, obsessed with himself. One day when the sun went down, instead of paying attention to the sunset, it stared at his shadow in curiosity. Its shadow formed into a being all by itself. The creature found its shadow figure gorgeous, and thought that maybe it had found a creature equal to itself. It found the shadow amazing and for once it wished for arms to hug itself. One day though it started finding the creature annoying. It kept hearing the other ones thoughts. “I am the greatest! I am the best among all others!” Eventually it thought of the worst insult possible and directed it toward the other creature. It heard it and an epic battle of thoughts between the two began. Eventually when it, the original creature, couldn’t stand it anymore, the sun rose. And as it rose the other creature, the one made of shadows, disappeared. And for once the creature stared at the sun and thought of something else as amazing besides itself. The end

Blogging contest number 3

The army of paper.
The army of paper was a sight to behold.
Army of paper, held by tape made of hate.
Each on holding to life despite their fate.
They were strong and stealthy.
They invaded the world through museums and the collections of the whealthy.
People would stop and stare.
They would marvel and applaud.
“Look at this magnificent beautiful origami!”
The beauty never falled
By day, sculptures of paper
By night assassins of hate and death
They were created by the glass cannon God
Who had power of all
Yet with one hit, he would fall.
The ballad. The ballad
If you want more there will be
And if you don’t why are you here?

Edublogs blogging challenge 2

Wicked fairy tales.

Once upon a time, in the land of ancient Japan, there was an evil sorcereress who took great pleasure in riddles, confusion, and suffering. Her name was Makoji and she terrorized the town folk. So a great hero from America by the name of Bruce. Bruce came and was unaffected by the witches riddle for he was a simple man and didn’t care.

At night the witch would curse wondering how he managed to be unaffected by her curses and confusion spells. She decided to summon up an army of paper soldier, extremely strong, easy to defeat, and loyal to the end. “GO MY PRETTYS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” She yelled.

The soldier from America was not scared of the soldiers, for the towns folk was screaming and all he saw was paper. He threw a firecracker and they all died screaming silently. He decided to end it once and for all.

“You may have defeated my soldier American, but you will not des-” BANG! Thud. The soldier had shot the witch while she was monologing. “You talk to much,” he said.


They feasted on witch meat and lived happily ever after.

The end.





Free Post 2: Jace’s Fairytales

Today’s fairy tale: The wolf, the wolf, and the witch.

The day had ended and the fairy tales were said. Goldilocks is safe, the pigs are happy, and the Princesses are living happily ever after. So what happens to the bad guys? They’re all bloody and bruised, most of them are just trying to eat. It’s dark out and in a shady bar in fair tale land that’s were the villains lay, scheming for another day. The wolf from red riding hood, who’s named Fennir, sits in the bar and is howling in pain. “For gods sake man! Every day I’m forced to take a axe to the head!” The wolf from the three little pigs, who’s named Greyback, says, “I know how you feel, that stupid brick house pig, man I would love to get a bite out of them!” Suddenly a cackle could be heard making the wolves jump. The witch from Wizard of Oz glides over to there table. “Hello wolfies! I hear your troubles how about we make a deal?” “Ok.” Greyback, “What kind of deal?” “Simple, I’ll use one of Oz’s artifacts to make you and your friend powerful enough to kill the girl and pigs so you may eat and taste victory. In return you kill little Dorothy for me.” The wolves though for a bit. The other wolf replied “Sounds fair, what about you Fennir?” “I’m ok with it as long as I get to finally get rid of that stupid red riding hood.” So the witch pulled out a necklace for each of them. “When you put these on and say ‘Death to good’ you will grow to giant size!” So the wolves left on a mission to take them down.

Fennir left to stalk the woods. Right on time the girl was leaving Grandmas house. The big bad wolf snarled in her face “Gasp! I though I defeated you!” Cried Red Riding Hood. “Nope! And now its time to die little girl.” replied Fennir. Poor little red riding hood didn’t stand a chance so she tried to run back to Grandmas. Unfortunately the wolf was blocking her, so she ran as fast as possible in the other direction. The wolf laughed and put on the amulet and yelled “DEATH TO GOOD!” before running after her. With his giant body he quickly caught up to her, snatched her up and was about to eat her before she said “Wait Mr. Wolf! If you don’t eat me I’ll give you something!” “Like what?” Asked the Fennir “Like a cake!” “I don’t want a cake, if that’s it, time to die.” he said before opening his big jaws. Right before he could snatch her up and eat her though Grandpa Evan came out with a shotgun yelling “GIT OF MY LAND YA BIG WIERD DOG!” (its fairytale land Jace can she do that? Yes Jace its fairytale land we can do whatever we. Ah ok) and shot him in the back! “Grandpa! I thought you were chopping lumber!” “I was,” he said “I was going back before I heard all the ruckus. Anyway look at the size of this thing! We eat good tonight!” And they eat merrily for weeks. The End.




Oh you’re probably wondering what happened to the other wolf. Well he’s kind of a idiot so he tripped and stabbed himself with his own claw.

Post 1: Words, songs, books, oh my!

3204355945_02181aff64_b(photo credit)magazine-word-background-12291482(photo credit)

Words. Words are awesome. They create a common ground of understanding for humans. Languages are diverse and that is both good and bad. Because languages are part of cultures and different and unique and that’s a wonderful thing. The only downside is that we all cant understand each other and that’s a shame. Words are powerful to. Wars are supposedly fought with bullets and pain and war. However true wars, ones that make a person, one that defines a person, those are done with words. You can be the strongest, the deadliest, the meanest, bad person alive, but if you can’t use words or think or anything like. You might as well be nothing. Words are one of the few greatest good things humans have done.

Books are amazing to. The idea of creating a entire universe inside a little book is magnificent! Books are beautiful and wonderful and amazing. They are one of the few other great things that humanity has ever done. Think of it. The entire universe out here, yet with a words and print and ideas, we can create an entire universe, (a bloody world and humans and non-humans!), inside a little bound page filled book. We created humans, gods, aliens, and so many others in these pages of stories that we wrote. We weaved passionate tales of wonder and enchantment! We created stories of heroes, surpassing gods and villains that we love to hate! Books are doors, doors to parallel universes! And what’s better than that?

Music! Music, oh how music rocks! Little music humor for you, but in all seriousness music is amazing. The idea of music is absurd and that’s what makes it all the better! Sounds and bits and pieces of this and that stringed together to harmonize with words thrown in at different pitches and speeds! It’s a beautiful thing and it makes feel wonderful and energized and plays with our emotions to makes us feel things. …Sorry for the puns its just so easy with music. So yes, music is amazing. Every part of it is impossible and amazing and beautiful. We should cherish it not ruin it with some horrible songs that so many sing of nowadays; songs of violence and well, other things. Cherish songs for each tells a tale, make sure its a good one.

Thank you for listening… reading? my free write! Here are some links for more cool stuff

Words: Definitions and word here!

Books: Buy books, browse books, there are other websites, but this is my favorite.

Music: Good link, not that much stuff you have to go iTunes for that, but less known musicians are there. Try them sometime.



SBC 10:2

Person: My Dad

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

A: It looks very Jace-like. With the title picture and space picture.

2. What captured your attention?

A: The pictures. The pictures were nice.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

A: Nothing, it looks nice. Needs more interesting things though.

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

A:  Put more details and flare, it looks kinda blandish.