SBC Week 1:1 Real life vs. Online

When I’m online I try to be as similar as possible as I am in real life. In real life I try to be as realistic and slightly apathetic to the world, while maintaining some charm and optimistic values. I try to keep my identity hidden and to tell as little as possible online. If I do tell you things its mostly due to the fact that I’m using a pseudonym and quite simply giving you false information. It’s very easy to trick people online. If I truly trust you I’ll tell you some things, but its not until I’ve known you for a long time that I’ll tell you anything about me for real. Also I prefer to meet people in real life. I’m capable to tell if your lying easier. That’s when I can make a decision whether to trust you or not. As for my Avatar; as I said before I absolutely refuse to even give away the smallest things of what I look like in real life. Maybe you will see one thing I am interested in through my avatar, but I refuse for you to know even the slightest bit of what I look like.

2 thoughts on “SBC Week 1:1 Real life vs. Online

  1. G’day Jace,
    I wonder why you try to be apathetic to the world? Why give out false information? It must be so hard to not trust anyone until you have known them for a long time.

    But I agree it is better to meet people in real life as their expression and gestures can help you identify if they are lying or not.

    • Hello Miss W,
      I don’t try to be apathetic its just the way I am now. I give out false info because of how easy it is to be hacked now days, and it isn’t hard to not trust people. After all things change I just want to make sure of things first

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